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QBSA Statutory Debt Negotiations PDF Print E-mail
Queensland Building Contractors


Statutory debts pursuant to the Queensland Building and Construction Commission Act 1991 can arise generally as follows:


  • An insurance payment from the statutory insurance scheme where the licensee has been held accountable; or
  • Via tribunal discilplinary proceedings or SPER; or
  • By way of extension to Company officers via section 111C of the Act (statutory personal liability).


Building disputes are by nature often complicated and costly matters to resolve. JOBA Management Services are experienced intermediaries who will seek to build an understanding between the licensee and the QBCC to the mutual benefit of all parties.


The introduction of a professional experienced intermediary will often be welcomed by the QBCC as it will encourage objective discussion without the inherent emotions.


The approach adopted by JOBA Management Services will be dependent upon the following:

  • The validity of the QBCC claim (this may involve an external legal advice);
  • Whether or not the debtor is a current licensee;
  • Whether any issues have arisen that are contrary to the objects of the Act.


The reason the second point is relevant is because of the financial requirements for licensing which includes a solvency test.


JOBA Management Services will then seek to:

  • Negotiate payment terms with the QBCC; or
  • Present a case for the settlement of the debt for a lesser amount if that is applicable (this would include an insolvency report).


A successful informal process such as this will reduce costs for the debtor and the QBCC, improve financial outcomes for all parties and avoid the stigma and commercial inconvenience that QBCC litigation and terminal administrations create.