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JOBA Management Services© prides itself on being a financial supporter of community sport.


We take great enjoyment in being associated with Radford cricket and their involvement in Country Cricket Week each year. Read More...

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We are insolvency practitioners specialising in non terminal turnaround management solutions for our clients.


We are renowned as Corporate doctors providing workable and practical solutions to our client’s problems in a variety of discliplines far beyond simply insolvency and reconstruction solutions.


In instances where terminal appointments are unavoidable (via external liquidators / trustees) we are committed to exploring strategies that will maximise the net worth of stakeholders.


Our expertise is in managing the different facets of you and/or your business through our professional knowledge in the areas of insolvency, reconstruction and turnaround management and our broad commercial background in areas such as accounting, credit management, building and construction, marketing, human resource management, strategic management and the law.


We are uniquely placed in the professional services market given that we do not consider ourselves competitors with your existing professional support structure which is likely to include specialised accountants and solicitors. Instead, we view ourselves as complementing their skills with focused and clearly defined services that require substantial expertise and attention.


By engaging our services, you can rest assured knowing that our broad experience is not just theoretical but gained through working at the “coal face” in the Corporate world. Our staff and contractors have for many years:

  • facilitated the turnaround of countless distressed businesses;
  • acted for stakeholders (directors, shareholders, financiers, suppliers, creditors) in and around distressed business;
  • acted for stakeholders in and around terminal administrations including asset acquisitions, strategies to maximise director, shareholder, financier and supplier net wealth;
  • acted for liquidators/directors/licensees to provide specialist advice in Building and Construction matters (pre and post administration);
  • acted for business owners in risk management assessments including strategic management development;
  • acted for Queensland Building and Construction licensees where insolvency related compliance matters arise (including Permitted Individual Applications);
  • worked internally for registered liquidators and/or the QBSA;
  • facilitated informal creditor settlements to avoid formal insolvency appointments for businesses and individuals (including Australian Taxation Office debts);
  • provided independent advice to Company directors contemplating external administration appointments (note – liquidators cannot provide same to a director prior to accepting an appointment);
  • Had hands on experience in assessing and provisioning debtors ledgers and providing credit management advice; and
  • Negotiated numerous outcomes over the years with the QBSA where licensing, compliance or debt recovery issues have arisen.


Regardless of the size of your business or your problem, we have the expertise and commitment to give you the no-nonsense solutions that you need.


Notable assignments in recent years have included such matters as (names omitted where inappropriate):


  • Preparation of the QBSA Permitted Individual application and the subsequent case management in the Commercial and Consumer Tribunal of the Weldon and Meredith matters (new Tribunal case law in relation to the treatment of bankruptcy and annulments under the Bankruptcy Act 1966 so far as the Queensland Building Services Act 1991 is concerned);
  • Successful negotiation of a client’s $500,000 plus QBSA statutory insurance debt to a nominal amount thereby avoiding a personal insolvency administration;
  • Successful recovery of in excess of $130,000 for a secured building supplier in a liquidation administration when other secured trade suppliers either missed out or wrote off amounts; 
  • Preparation of the QBSA Permitted Individual for the Morsali matter (Company event only);
  • Assisted a major civil construction Company in its due diligence and strategic management associated with acquiring a potentially insolvent business;
  • Numerous turnaround management strategies (including non terminal wind downs) for distressed businesses thereby avoiding external administration (and possible QBSA implications for licensed builders);
  • Preparation of numerous successful QBSA Permitted Individual applications where individuals (and or their licensed related entities) avoided five year / life bans / exclusions;
  • Numerous pre appointment assessments (and subsequent management of process) to the directors of companies unable to avoid the appointment of external administrators;
  • Onsite management for various liquidators post appointment;
  • Ongoing advice for a leading multinational in relation to the recovery of stock in the matter of Country Yuasa Batteries Pty Ltd;
  • Various informal proposals prepared for creditors (for individuals / corporates) to avoid formal insolvency appointments;
  • Numerous wealth maximising strategies for families when one of its members is operating a business;
  • Strategic Management development / risk management assessments for numerous small to medium sized businesses;
  • Numerous investigations on behalf of secured creditors prior enforcing the terms of their security documentation;
  • Numerous advices to directors, partners, trustees, beneficiaries and shareholders when intra entity disputes arise





Our philosophy is not a pie in the sky wish list but a description of what the directors have been doing for many years namely:

  • To provide value for money;
  • To value add whenever the opportunity arises;
  • To provide greater accessibility and accountability to our clients than our competitors (should they in fact exist);
  • To grow our client’s businesses and personal well being;
  • To provide focused niche professional services;
  • To be responsible corporate citizens;
  • To be professionally prudent and transparent with our clients at all times;
  • To be willing always to refer to third party professionals when it is outside our scope of work; and
  • To be commercially sound and ensure that our client’s outcomes are our first priority.